What is High Definition Video?

High Definition is the television format that is currently in the process of replacing the existing Standard Definition format.  In the end, it is all about the resolution of the video image.  Direct comparisons can be made to digital photography.  In the most simplistic terms Standard Definition TV is 0.4 Mega Pixels (yes, just 0.4!)  High definition video increases this resolution to over 2 Mega Pixels.  The difference is huge.  If comparing to photography 2MP may appear low resolution however you need to keep in mind there 25 frames being captured every second, so that is 50MP per second!

Below is a small selection of images demonstrating the visual difference between the quality of High Definition and Standard Definition.  As a full resolution High Definition screen capture would be too large for most computers displays, all full frame captures have been reduced by 50% (making them one quarte of their original size but in scale to each other)

Here is a simulated full quality High Definition frame (at only 50% real size)

Here is the corresponding simulated Standard Definition Frame (also at 50% real size)

Now lets compare the close up differences.  These are the differences you will see when viewing on a larger HD capable screen.

On the left is a section of the High Definition frame, on the right is the same section from the Standard Definition frame.

HD                                                     SD
The same comparison again on another part of the image, High Definition just has so much more detail than Standard Definition.

Actual HD Camcorder footage

Below is a capture from a popular, yet entry level High Definition professional video camera against the Standard Definition equivalent.  The camera that took this image (the Sony Z1P) has only half of the number of pixels as the camcorder Glass Eye View use yet still the differences are clear.

Here is a capture of a frame from the High Definition camcorder (at 50% size)

This is the Standard Definition equivalent frame (at 50% size)

Standard Definition      compared to            High Definition

Side by side comparison yet again shows the level of detail in even an entry level Professional HD camcorder.  Essentially, there is no comparison!

A few years ago the thought of providing wedding video productions in high definition was only a dream, today it is a reality.  It is the future of all video production and without it your wedding video will appear to age.  Unfortunately new cameras and production requirements does mean an increase in cost for a few years to come yet.

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